Athletic Scholarship in the U.S.

Dear Students, Athletes and Parents,

With the offer from Monaco Sports, you can fulfill your dreams of an athletic scholarship in the USA.

Living like a pro and studying at the same time: at American universities you get the opportunity to combine performance-oriented training and academic education in a perfect way.

Monaco Sports is here to help you on your journey towards receiving an athletic scholarship, so that your dreams may become reality....

You're a potential Monaco Sports Lion if

  • long-lasting personal contact with the captains is important to you
  • you are willing to put your trust into the captains' many years of experience in the field of Sports Marketing
  • you would like to have a professionally filmed and edited highlight video
  • you wish for your data to be accessible to coaches via password
  • you would like to make use of the assets that our commercial partners have to offer, as early on as the application process
  • you would like to benefit from Monaco Sports' huge network to find a job after your studies
  • you find quality at least equally as important as price
  • you are reliable, loyal, curious and humorous

and you have the heart of a lion!

Be courageous and let the words of Michael Jordan inspire you:
„I accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying!”

Norman & Max & Andreas
Monaco Sports Captains

Monaco Sports at work

Captain Andreas and Captain Norman at Bayern Munich

Captain Max and Captain Norman getting interviewed

Captain Andreas at the Red Bull Academy

Captain Max and Captain Norman at a big sport event

Captain Norman with Bayern Munich soccer players

Captain Max visiting University of Georgia

Captain Andreas giving a presentation at Bayer Leverkusen

Captain Norman at a big sport event

Training day of Monaco Sports at the Speedclub

Captain Max and Captain Norman at the D1 Championsships in California

Captain Andreas in the Monaco Sports Office

Captain Max giving a presentation

Captain Andreas at Bayern Munich with a Duke coach

Captain Max and Captain Norman with Monaco Sports Lions

Captain Andreas and Captain Norman at the Red Bull Academy

Captain Max at UCLA

Captain Norman with American coaches at the Viktualien market in Munich

Max at a college football stadium

Captain Norman with a coach at a Bundesliga Youth Academy

Captain Max with table tennis legend Ovtcharov

Captain Norman watching a college football game live